Our Outcomes

promoted to the next grade level
completed the life skills training
learned technical skills in our Mobile Training Units
remain with Xcel for 3 years or longer
of youth of working age were placed in entry-level jobs
of youth of working age were placed in apprenticeships

Our Mission & Vision

Mission Statement: Xcel Fuels Young People with Purpose by equipping them with purpose-driven opportunities for growth and success. Xcel is dedicated to empowering youth ages 13 to 25 to realize their fullest potential through a dynamic mentoring network that integrates transformative mentoring with mobile training units that facilitate hands-on learning experiences and foster the development of both hard and soft skills.

Vision Statement: Our vision is to deliver exceptional programming that transcends barriers, ensuring accessibility to underprivileged populations. We aim to empower youth who lack consistent adult support by providing them with opportunities for personal growth and essential skills for thriving in trade careers or innovation fields.


Xcel stands firm in its dedication to empowering the forthcoming generation to attain success, acknowledging its important role in shaping the future of our community.

How to Become A Volunteer

When you mentor a youth, you change two lives. If you would like to join us as a volunteer mentor please complete the Xcel Mentor Application and someone will reach out to you on the next steps. Please note that all mentors must complete a Level 2 background check before a match.

Our Core Beliefs


Empower young individuals to realize their fullest potential.


Ensure fair and equal access to opportunities for all.


Foster personal and professional growth through purpose-driven opportunities.


Uphold honesty, transparency, and ethical standards in all interactions.


Encourage perseverance and adaptability in overcoming challenges.


Take responsibility for our actions and commitments.