Xcel Mentoring Network was founded in Savannah, GA in 2012 by Jay Thompson. Jay set out to build a mentoring network that provides a young person with personal growth and development, and social and economic opportunity.

Xcel expanded to Florida in 2019 under the leadership of Thomas Rivera and Maribel Roman. Xcel exists to FUEL YOUNG PEOPLE WITH PURPOSE and passion to reach the fullness of their potential through a network of wise, seasoned, and trained mentors.



Xcel’s innovative approach to mentoring and experiential learning provides high-quality programming that breaks through barriers and is accessible to populations that would otherwise not have the opportunity to benefit from the curriculum and access to the necessary skills needed for a career in a trade or vocation. Xcel’s community partnerships further strengthen its reach and overall impact making it possible to cultivate a pipeline into pre-apprentice, apprenticeship, and employment that is the first of its kind to exist in Palm Beach County.

Xcel’s mentoring program is innovative in its approach and design. Our multi-level consists of the following:

Eight sessions of character development training: goal setting, time management, health & fitness, financial stewardship, relationships, relational intelligence, conflict resolution, and job skills.

Ongoing individual and group mentoring.

Hands-on career training in the Mobile Training Unit in carpentry, electric, plumbing, HVAC, welding, auto mechanic, and Virtual Design Construction (VDC).

Certification programs in electric, plumbing, welding, and virtual design construction

Advising in resume writing, interview training, acquiring a driver’s license, opening bank accounts, and other life skills.

Opportunities for job interviews and entry-level jobs.

Referral to pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship positions with our corporate partners.


Xcel thrives on partnerships in our community. We have a wide range of partners. Their financial support, networking, training, apprenticeships, and job opportunities help us FUEL YOUNG PEOPLE WITH PURPOSE.

"Our engagement with Xcel is not merely about giving back; it represents a profound investment in the potential of our youth, equipping them with the tools and opportunities to flourish in construction careers. In collaboration with Xcel, we not only strengthen our workforce but also uplift the spirit of craftsmanship, celebrating the noble pursuit of 'good tired' after a day's skilled work. It's about empowering the next generation to achieve success, recognizing the critical role they play in shaping our community's future."

- Dale Hedrick, CEO Hedrick Brothers Construction

Make A Difference and Help Give Young People A Chance at a Better Future